eufreeyourmind youtube channel

eufreeyourmind youtube channel


Y-Shield Paint costs $400 and will attenuation all electromagnetic waves & microwaves to 80 decibels. Waves travel around metal, that’s why mesh doesn’t work.

You may have have Satellite 140Mhz waves UHF colliding with 440 Mhz waves VHF, causing vibrations (sound). UHF VHF jammer will block v2k. ECG and EEG bio signatures at ELF levels are tracked via satellite gprs style

but scalar waves, ELF will take a Faraday Cage to block, not wire meshed useless against Scalar but 6mm Metal. Mylar Space Blankets Ground to electric earth

Mylar Space Blankets and erect the all around your room on all the walls and roof, ground them to earth sockets.

Step 2 – Record your perp !

Voice to Skull v2k, is not recordable, as it is directed at the hearing nerve in your head. But you can intercept the transmissions. Check for a parabolic ear microphone or pre-amplified microphone.

Step 3 – professional psychiatric assessment

go with as much print outs of the technology you are experiencing to convince your medical professional, go to a GP not psychiatrist.  So make all this simple get a recording which will save you from a medical misdiagnosis of schizophrenic. If your voices are recordable then you are not schizophrenic, as the voices are not of your mind.

Psychologists will tell you to record the voices, psychiatrist will try to medicate you with pills that will turn you into a zombie, if you feel that your doctor is not believing you.. claim your medical right to refuse treatment and leave the room, note if you are suicidal a threat to yourself or others then you may be forced to be committed to a mental asylum against your will. Do NOT say that you are suicidal or or want to hurt anybody.

Step 4 – MRI Scan for RFID tracking chips

80% of TI’s had surgery and are chipped these chips run at 140 Mhz and are jammable with UHF VHF jammers.

Step 5 – Register a torture case with the police, even if they dont investigate you just need the case number in writing. This is necessary for the assault form to be completed, as well as claiming asylum in other countries. If they don’t investigate and do nothing, they are not protecting their citizens If you have no protection you are an asylum seeker. Get the case number in Writing.

Step 6 – Go to your communication authority who is responsible for keeping unlicensed broadcasters off the radio spectrum and register a complaint with them. In Sweden damages are paid by the state in cases where the identity of the broadcasters are not known. Swedish Constitution, freedom of expression law acts..

Step 7 – go to your local constitutional human rights courts. If the courts do not prosecute your case as the state is self incriminated & have to pay damages,

again get the case number in writing, if they close the case down you have no legal protection then you are an asylum seeker.

Step 8 – go to the Hague Human Rights Courts who will only help you if your home countries courts WONT. Your own state must protect its citizens, if they don’t then you are an Asylum seeker, and the Hague will help you as your home country is aiding and abetting a felony by not helping you.

Step 9 – when you claim Asylum they will say no because you have to force your country to protect you, show them that you have done so with the cases you have in writing, show them the printouts, if they say no you will be banned from re-entry for one year.


Homeopathic Gold counteracts Scalar Waves and ELF waves, promotes sleep at night. QuWave Pendents, Orgonite stones with Obsidian, Homeopathic Gold, Amethyst, black volcanic glass and turquoise.

All of these devices and countermeasures work so DO IT !!

I don’t have the Y-Shield Paint or the UHF VHF Jammer or the Homeopathic Golf or the Quwave pendent, so for all my research and knowledge I would appreciate a Tax free donation I am still being Tortured Daily.